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Advanced Excel

Learn basics of Advanced Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Course Details

Sharing and Maintaining Workbook
  • Explain the new features of MS Excel 2013
  • Explain customization of the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Explain the procedure to add data by using FlashFill, AutoFill, and AutoComplete
  • Explain proofing and management of Add-ins
  • Describe built-in and custom templates in Excel
  • Describe worksheet protection and locking/unlocking of cells
  • Explain protection, finalization, and encryption of a workbook
  • Explain the concept of shared workbooks
  • Explain the procedure for change tracking in a shared workbook
  • Explain the process of recovering unsaved versions of a file

Formulas and Functions
  • Trace formula precedents and dependents
  • Use the data validation tool and check for errors in a file
  • Implement iterative calculations
  • Use single cell and multi cell array formula
  • Use SUMIFS(), COUNTIFS(), and basic counting functions
  • Describe the Quick Analysis Tool for Data Analysis
  • Describe Data consolidation
  • Describe mathematical, trigonometry, statistical, and financial functions , Date, Time, Data Type and Conversion Functions
  • Describe Text, Logical, and LookUp functions
  • Conditional Formatting
Advanced Chart Features
  • Explain the importance of chart and the different types of chart
  • Explain Recommended Charts
  • Explain modification of chart elements, chart area, plot area, and chart axes
  • Describe formatting of chart title, legend, and gridlines
  • Explain trendline and data series
  • Explain dual axes and chart templates
  • Describe combination chart, error bars, and data tables
Presenting Data Visually
  • Explain conditional formatting
  • Explain Sparklines and list the steps to create it
  • Describe the importance of Pivot Table and its various features
  • Describe the procedure to create recommended PivotTables
  • Explain the concept of PivotCharts and list the steps to customize it
  • Explain slicers and list the steps to create it
  • Describe the procedure to use Power View
Data Analysis
  • Explain Analysis ToolPak
  • Explain single factor and two factor tool with and without replication
  • Describe Correlation and Covariance
  • Explain F-Test two-sample for variances
  • Describe Histogram and moving average
  • Explain Random number generation
  • Describe Regression, Sampling, Rank, and Percentile
  • Describe Exponential Smoothing
Macros and Forms
  • Describe Automatic Data Processing
  • Explain creation and running a macro
  • Explain assigning macro to a command button
  • Explain creation of a custom macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Describe macro security
  • Describe Macro Add-ins
  • Describe Form controls
  • Use of Solver, Subtotal, Goal Seek, Scenario
  • Describe the procedure to import and export XML data with Excel

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Advanced Excel is a 1-2 month course


Basic MS Excel knowledge

Exit Profile

The individual will be competent in Advanced Microsoft Office -(Advanced Microsoft Excel)


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