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Aptech Certified Computer Professional C++ Language

Corporate training in kolkata

Learn basics of C++ language

Courses for IT beginners / students

C, C++ & Data Structures

Learn the fundamentals of C language

Course Highlights

  • Understand algorithm building & programming with C & C++
  • Learn building blocks of programming with statements, decisions, loops, operators, expressions, arrays etc
  • Learn functions, pointers, & file handling
  • Learn concepts of OOPS (object-oriented programming) such as inheritance, polymorphism, & abstraction
  • Learn data structures such as stacks, lists, queues, trees & graphs
  • Learn to develop applications that sort an array, traverses a linked list, constructs a binary tree etc
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning

Course Covers

  • Developing Programming Logic with C
  • Data Structures using C
  • C++
  • Project
C++ training center in kolkata

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FAQs for C C++

It is a known fact that computers make life easy for us. However, another fact that is equally important & significant is that computers by themselves are not intelligent. They have to be instructed or rather 'programmed' to perform the tasks that we want them to. Over the years, several programming languages have been developed to help the programmers get computers to perform the required tasks. While the programming languages have been varied in terms of the keywords they have, and the way in which they are written, the basic approach to writing a program has remained more or less the same.
C helps an individual in developing programming logic. The various programming constructs in C build a strong foundation for the developer, which will enable him/ her to become a good programmer and later develop programming skills in other languages.
Using C, a programmer can create high-level applications as well as low-level applications targeting the memory or hardware devices such as printers and consoles. Thus, C is a very important programming language when it comes to building the basics of programming.

C was developed in the 1970s to create the UNIX operating system and make it easy to code low-level applications using a high-level language. It was a procedural language.
C++ was developed as an enhancement to the C language. It added object-oriented concepts to an already popular language. The concept of classes was added along with various other concepts like inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism. The '++' indicates that it is an increment to the C language set.

C in Practice covers the basics of algorithms, programming fundamentals & data structures such as Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees and Graphs.

It starts with teaching a learner what an algorithm is and how to go about writing an algorithm, followed by the programming fundamentals and ends with teaching a student how to design and develop applications that sorts an array, traverses linked lists and constructs a binary tree and so on.


96 hours


Engineers / Graduates looking to make a career in software programming


On successfully completing the C++ course, you will be ready to join top national & international IT companies as:
career courses in C++


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