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python training institute in kolkata


Best python training institute in Kolkata

Learn basics of Python


Course Details

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

Session Coverage

Course Highlights

  • Overview -
    History and Features
  • Environment Setup & Basic Syntax -
    First Program, Tokens, Identifiers, Reserved words, Different Statements, Comments, Command Line Arguments
  • Variable Types -
    Assigning Values to Variables, Standard Data Types, Numbers, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Data Type Conversion
  • Basic Operators -
    Arithmetic, Comparison, Assignment, Bitwise, Logical, Membership, Identity, Conditional, Operator Precedence
  • Decision Making -
    IF Statement and it types: Simple, Complex, Compound, Nested if
  • Loops -
    While Loop, for Loop, Nested loops, Loop Control Statements: break, continue, pass Statement, Iterator and Generator
  • Regular Expressions - Match & search function, Regular Expression Modifiers: Option Flags, Regular Expression Patterns and Examples
  • MySQL Database Access - Database Connection with MySQL database
  • Multithreaded Programming - Starting a New Thread, The Threading Module, Synchronizing Threads

  • Date & Time - -
    What is TimeTuple? Getting current time, formatted time, calendar for a month, The time Module and different methods, The calendar Module
  • Functions - -
    Defining & Calling a Function, Pass by Reference vs Value, Function Arguments and types: Required Arguments, Keyword Arguments, Default Arguments
  • Modules - -
    The import Statement, The from...import Statement, The from...import * Statement, Packages in Python
  • Files I/O - -
    Opening and Closing Files, Reading and Writing Files, File & Directory Related Methods
  • Exceptions Handling - -
    Standard Exceptions, Assertions in Python, Handling an Exception, The try-finally Clause, Argument of an Exception, User-Defined Exceptions
  • Object Oriented Programming - -
    Overview of OOP Terminology
  • Sending Email using SMTP - Sending an HTML e-mail using Python
  • GUI Programming (Tkinter) - Tkinter Programming, Tkinter Widgets and different controls

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Bestpython training center in kolkata


Python is a 3 month course


Any Graduate / Engineers

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python training school in Kolkata


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