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Ethical hacking courses in aptech hazra

Smart Professional: Ethical Hacking

This module will address the implementation and desktop support needs of customers that are planning to deploy and support Ethical Hacking.

Course covers:

  • Define ethical hacking
  • Perform a penetration test
  • Use trace route in footprinting
  • Explain social engineering
  • Explain the CEH scanning technology
  • Explain different scan types
  • Explain system hacking, password cracking, escalating privileges and hiding files
  • Describe types of trojans
  • Differentiate viruses and worms
  • Understand host-to-host communication
  • Explain how a sniffer works

  • Understand MAC flooding and DNS spoofing
  • Explain how DDoS attacks work
  • Explain session hijacking
  • Explain different types of Web server vulnerabilities
  • Describe SQL injection
  • Describe buffer overflows
  • Explain wireless network hacking
  • Explain different components of physical security
  • Install Linux kernel modules
  • Explain different types of IDSs and evasion techniques
  • Explain cryptography and encryption techniques
  • Define security assessments

Course duration



IT students/ professionals/ engineers

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