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Web technology courses in kolkata

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Course Highlights:
    • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
    • Entry point to Web Application & Windows Store Apps training
    • Using HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript to implement programming logic
    • Perform looping & branching
    • Develop user interfaces, capture & validate user input
    • Store data & create well-structured applications
Session Coverage:

      Session 1 – Introduction to the Web

      Session 2 – Introduction to HTML5

      Session 3 – Formatting Text Using Tags

      Session 4 – Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors

      Session 5 – Introduction to CSS3

      Session 6 – Formatting using Style Sheets

      Session 7 – Displaying graphics and CSS3 Animation

      Session 8 – Creating navigational aids and Division-based Layout

      Session 9 – Creating tables

      Session 10 – Html forms

      Session 11 – Html5 audio and video

      Session 12 – Introduction to javascript

      Session 13 – Operators and Statements

      Session 14 – Loops and Arrays

      Session 15 – Functions and Objects

      Session 16 – Building a Mobile Web Application

      Session 17 – Canvas and Javascript

      Session 18 – HTML5 Web Storage

      Session 19 – HTML5 Geolocation and APIs

Project Work

Through this course learn how to develop applications in PHP and use MySQL efficiently for these applications. Also, combine these applications with time-proven database management techniques to create an efficient, solid and secure user-experience.

Learn to:
  • Design web-based applications
  • Design schemas based on MySQL
  • Use include files to make code easier to maintain
  • Use PHP and takes advantage of its advanced features
  • Build applications following a precise flow
  • Authenticate users in a secure way against a database
  • Handle errors in your PHP applications efficiently and gracefully
  • Writes composite queries using JOINs and subqueries
  • Use indexing efficiently in order to manipulate large amounts of data efficiently
  • Uses joins to extract data from multiple tables
  • Uses GROUP BY clauses and aggregate functions
  • Write applications whose components can be scaled to meet increased demand
  • Build a complete application that includes authentication and session management
  • Understand how PHP, MySQL and the Apache web server work together to deliver dynamic web content
  • Project Work


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