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Aptech Certified Computer Professional Windows Store App Development

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Courses for Windows Store App Development

Aptech Certified Computer Professional Windows Store App Development

Windows application development courses in kolkata

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Windows App Development

Windows 10 is the latest, best version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). The OS delivers awesome user experience on mobile devices - such as tablets. It gives you the ability to synchronize apps & settings across multiple devices (such as your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), and delivers great touch-screen experience. Learn to develop apps with this platform that is setting new standards of performance & security, around the world!

Web Technologies - Html5

Course Highlights
  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
  • Entry point to HTML5Web Application & Windows Store Apps training
  • Web productivity tools
  • Using HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript to implement programming logic
  • Perform looping & branching
  • Develop user interfaces, capture & validate user input
  • Store data & create well-structured applications
Course Covers
  • Programming with HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3
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40 hours .


Graduates, Undergraduates, Engineers & Working professionals

Learn basic, essential & advanced levels in HTML5/ CSS3/ Javascript/ programming and get hands-on experience in developing Windows Apps! Aptech provides the new way of learning for all its students! Onlinevarsity is Aptech's collaborative cloud-based learning platform that provides free access to all course-related study material. In addition, students can be a part of an online community and interact with industry experts 24X7. Along with classroom exposure, learn from expert articles, blogs and video tutorials. If you are already a Windows App Development Using HTML5 & JAVASCRIPT student, register with Onlinevarsity to get free and instant access to e-books, chats and tutorials.

Course Highlights
  • The collaborative cloud-based learning platform that adds to your classroom learning experience
  • Create style, add animations & advanced graphics to HTML5 pages & make them adaptable to different devices & form factors
  • Learn to add interactivity to an HTML5 page by using JavaScript
  • Create the user interface layout & structure
  • Create UI & use data binding to present data in the UI
  • Design & implement contracts such as search, share & settings

  • Brand the Windows Store App & improve the loading experience with a splash screen
  • Use various storage mechanisms, choose a suitable caching strategy, create custom controls, extend template controls, and create & consume WinMD components
  • Discover device capabilities, interact with devices & act upon sensor data
  • Implement windows store trial licensing and in-app purchasing & advertising


40 Hours for each modules


IT (Graduates/ Undergraduates/ College students), Engineers & Working professionals

Course Highlights
  • Understand how C# fits in to the .NET platform
  • Analyze the basic structure of C# applications & be able to document, debug, compile, and run simple applications
  • Create, name & assign values to variables
  • Use common statements to implement flow control, looping & exception handling
  • Create methods (functions & subroutines) that can return values & take parameters
  • Explain the basic concepts & terminology of object-oriented programming
  • Create, initialize & destroy objects in a C# application
  • Build new C# classes from existing classes
  • Create self-contained classes & frameworks in a C# application
  • Define operators, use delegates & add event specifications
Course Covers
  • C# applications for Microsoft .NET platform
  • C# program structure
  • Language syntax & implementation details


40 Hours


IT (Graduates/ Undergraduates/ College students), Engineers & Working professionals


ACCP Pro is a 27-month course, depending upon the specialisation chosen & the number of sessions held per week. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.


10+2/ graduates/ undergraduates


On successfully completing the Windows App Development course, you will be ready to join top national & international IT companies as :
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